Hotels and travel -Some people would have already booked hotels and transport. Are you planning to reimburse for these?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer compensation for travel and accommodation plans made, but please contact your hotel or travel provider directly about refunds and date changes as they may be able to help. We are deeply very sorry we can’t cover these.

Refund procedure - how will this work? Where will people receive them from and when?

This is our main priority at the moment and we are working with our insurers to get this information to you as quickly as possible. Please bear with us.  We appreciate that all money in this current climate is precious, we do not underestimate this fact. Please do not worry, there will be refund or future ticket options coming to you very soon.

Line-up - Will the line-up be the same in 2021?

We had some wild bookings for our second year already in play and we are working with this year’s planned line-up to carry some of them over so we can bring you the most insane line-up ever. We will release details in the coming months and hope the world is safe and ready again in 2021 to hold this event.

Cancellation - Why have you cancelled when other events are going ahead?

The event is not cancelled – it is only postponed to an as yet unspecified future date.  Huge investment has been made in the show and experience and we want to showcase it to the music family! Your safety is our priority, this is first and foremost and we are looking ahead to weigh up what may happen. A Lost Weekend is also independently owned and funded to make our vision come to life personal, not corporate.

Although the current government guidelines have not given definitive dates as to when we might expect things to return to normal, it is everyone’s expectation that this disruption will last for several months and so is likely to cover the dates of our series, so we just can’t take the risk.

Competition winners - what happens with these? Will they get offered tickets to the postponed date?

Tickets will be honoured for new dates. We will be in touch with competition winners directly in due course.

Postponement dates - When will the new dates be announced?

We are working tirelessly with artists and agents on new dates and we will be announcing these as soon as practicable.

Will the new dates be at Printworks?

Our plan has always been to hold year two at Printworks, we can’t say for certain at this stage and we are looking at all options being made available to us.

Printworks - How long will events at Printworks be cancelled for?

Please keep an eye on the venue social media channels for updates.

For all other queries, please get in touch at hello@alostweekend.com