Uncle Dugs
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June 5, 2020
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Dugs first break playing Jungle to an audience came in January 1995, on a local pirate radio station called Conflict FM. This led to his first paid club booking at the legendary Oscars in Clacton. £10 expenses were collected as his first DJ wage; the climb to the top had well and truly started.

Fast-forward to 1997 and he found himself working at the famous UKG label Ice Cream Records. During the year he worked with them he witnessed their growth from a small unknown specialist label to one that saw major chart success with hit after hit. This was a real eye opener, Friendships were forged here that would become valuable further down the line.

His unique style is all about vibes and energy, perfect for rave or club. He can be credited as being the first DJ to use the mic himself in raves, almost like a Jungle version of David Rodigan. His love for this music is undeniable and Interacting with the crowd comes as second nature, Educating the ravers & spinning stories – An Uncle Dugs set is a highlight of any event he plays. Regular bookings outside the UK now mean that in places such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand the name Uncle Dugs carries the same weight it does here.

In 2013 he won the ‘Best Jungle DJ’ crown at the OldSkool Awards at Koko in Camden. This really confirmed his place at the very top of the DJ tree. He was in fact the only DJ to be named in both DJ categories at these awards, A massive achievement and something he rightly feels very proud of.