A manifestation of a British cult classic and the 90’s era,
with a surreal trip or two along the way,

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human traffic.live. the show.

Immersive Rave Theatrical Experience.

The Human Traffic Live show is a 50-minute live, immersive theatrical performance, a visual and musical voyage through the film of Human Traffic. Kim Gavin has been appointed Artistic Director of the Human Traffic Live show. Kim is widely known for his portfolio of works to include Creative Director of the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games & opening and closing of London 2012 Paralympic Games. Kim has also been Take That’s Creative Director for all arena concepts for the past three decades. Kim has invited the global phenomena that is Joe Crossley to join his team. Joe, a TED talk regular on digital art forms, has been selected as Digital Art Director following his iconic work as Digital Art Director for The Man at Burning Man festival and Arcadia’s Pangea at Glastonbury! Ummmm CREW!

This production with world renowned creatives at the helm, will be brought to life, capturing a selection of its most popular scenes through the use of the very latest techniques in digital art-forms and projection mapping on the 100m wall of Press Halls 1 within Printworks.

A sensory overload from start to finish, expect actors, break dancers, aerialists, trampolinists, wall-walkers and more, interacting with jaw-dropping projections of the most loved scenes and representations of the era, including the key characters Moff, Jip, Koop, Nina, Lulu, Howard & Pablo Hassan.

This multi-faceted show takes ticket holders on a passage through this much-loved film that is still hugely relevant today. Amidst political & global unrest, there is an overwhelming need for expressionism, hedonism and escapism – all the things that Human Traffic.Live aims to embody.



Each night of the week, is a different musical journey.

Revellers riding on the high energy that the live show will inevitably create, will journey straight into a post-show party, and you choose how! Each night of the week has a choice of music genres to suit all tastes; from World Class DJ headliners - House & Garage Orchestra – Live performancesfeatured artists.

Decide your music preference, and in turn it will help you navigate to the right date for you.

Line up news being announced on special dates across the next few weeks!

'Tonight I'm Jip Travolta, I'm Peter Popper, I'm going to never-never land with my chosen family, man. We're gonna get more spaced out than Neil Armstrong ever did, anything could happen tonight, you know? This could be the best night of my life.'

The 90s culture Exhibition

To Rave or not to Rave?

Upon entry to A Lost Weekend Presents you become fully immersed in 90s culture with an exhibition. One question is asked, Rave or not to Rave? Your answer determines what path you take and the journey you experience.

Stories, art, flyer art, album art, poster art, photography, footage and fashion.

Working with the new emerging Museum the Youth Culture Archive they demonstrate the power of youth culture heritage as a catalyst for creativity, self-expression and connecting communities. Leke Adesoye is also a contributor, a 1990’s London College of Fashion design student who created the iconic red ‘Junglist Movement’ t-shirt from the record shop scene. Leke will be exhibiting the pedigree of fashion brand AEROSOUL and has designed a special Human Traffic 20th Anniversary t-shirt designed for the series!

Choose your own path, to getting lost.

themed Pop-up, Street food & Bars

Indulge all night in an themed environment inspired from the film.

An indoor, warm, themed, premium food and bar pop-up that has been designed by award-winning pop-up designers Better Green.

This space is designed with the professional party seeker in mind, plenty of seating and bar rest areas, so you and your friends can drink and eat easily, it is a perfect pre-show meeting place. The themed environment brings together London’s most innovative and high-end street food vendors hosted by market leaders Kerb with vegan, vegetarian and meat choices all available. 

With food included in the ticket price, ticket holders will be able to pre-game surrounded by incredible 90's theming and adaptations of the iconic sets from the film. You will find, a pop-up record shop which promises a party of its own, the T-shirt shop merch store that character Jip worked in, and you can even have a photo inside Moff’s Throne Room ‘Nice One Bruva!

Throughout the 3-week run, the pop-up will host various themed takeovers such as Sunday Session Brunch’s where all inclusive drinks are included in the price!

There is a a choice of bars both indoors and outdoors, all that serve spirits, beer, wine, soft and bubbles and there is a dedicated selection of craft beer bars.

Going VIP?
VIP and VVIP Ticket holder have an exclusive area to pregame - pre show, in swanky style!

Grab your chosen family and settle in for a session.
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